CREATEK Machining Center

Over 10 Professional Engineers

Constant-temperature and Constant-humidity Machining Workshop

Machining Equipment Imported
from Germany

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

CREATEK Machining Center has dozens of senior engineers, and is equipped with cutting-edge production machines such as Heckert HEC800 horizontal machining center imported from Germany and high-precision CNC honing machine. Here, small-batch and multi-assortment flexible machining can be carried out for parts like engine cylinder blocks, cylinder covers, and air compressor cylinder blocks to meet customers’ diversified production demands. By controlling the key processes of parts, the product consistency is ensured to meet customers’ high-quality production demands.  

Machining Center

The Machining Center conducts precision machining for cast parts like engine cylinder block, cylinder head, and air compressor cylinder block. Reasonable process routes are mapped out based on various products technical demands. Cylinder holes, main bearing holes, camshaft bores, position pin holes, oil seal seat holes and different surfaces can be precisely machined to improve the engine’s assembling precision and working performance, and optimize product quality.

Development Advantages

Constant-temperature and constant-humidity workshop reduces the impact of thermal expansion and contraction against cylinder block precision machining.

The product precision is improved with the SANDVIK tools and MAPA combination structure.

SVQ self-lock clamps and auxiliary support design can prevent local clamping, which is likely to cause extrusion deformation of cylinder block.

CREATEK Assembly

CREATEK Assembly Department is mainly engaged in the production of engine, turbocharger, air compressor, differential, and other assembly accessories. With years of spare parts knowledge accumulation, CREATEK integrated experienced employees, constantly make assembly process innovation, and formulate technical standards on interference fit and gap fit to guarantee important gaps of key parts and improve the overall assembly performance.

The Assembly Department has the Kistler servo press, Atlas Copco tightening system, Schenck high-speed dynamic balancing machine, comprehensive performance testing bench of vehicle air compressors, comprehensive performance test bench of engines, and other highly-sophisticated equipment. By introducing a series of intelligent and interlinked equipment and tools, CREATEK formulated advanced assembly solutions to efficiently obtain valuable data from each stage of the production process (from design, prototype verification to assembly), and further embark on the road to building an intelligent factory.

Engine Assembly Line

The CREATEK assembly line, supported by experienced technical engineers and supporting resources in the industry, is equipped with core assembly equipment (including high-precision bolt tightening machine, automatic pressing machine, and automatic gluing machine) and test equipment such as a comprehensive engine test bench. Before assembly, the cylinder body, cylinder cover, and crankshaft have been ultrasonically cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the assembly effectively. During assembly, an accurate group measurement was carried out for each component. Two groups of moving components of the same set have been grouped again to achieve uniform weight and dimensional tolerance, improve the movement smoothness of the components, protect the moving components and their surrounding accessories from being damaged, reduce the power loss/failure rate, prolong the overall service life and improve the production efficiency.

Air Compressor Assembly Line

CREATEK air compressor optimizes and upgrades the material and process of core components, intake and exhaust system and cooling system, with low wear rate, low exhaust temperature and low oil consumption. Control the assembly process of double-cylinder compressor, make the weight grouping of two cylinders’ moving components, improve the smoothness of the movement, protect the moving components, prevent the damage of peripheral accessories, reduce the failure rate, and achieve the precise control of technical parameters. It is equipped with professional equipment such as tightening machine, pressing machine, comprehensive testing bench to improve the quality and detection ability of the product assembly process.

Turbocharger Assembly Line

CREATEK turbocharger power range is 290-460HP and applicable to the diesel engines of Euro II to Euro VI. Turbocharger is a precision assembly and requires high cleanliness of the parts. Before assembly, parts need to be deeply cleaned. The tightening machine and balancing machine are equipped to control the tightening, seal ring transmittance, axial clearance and radial clearance during the assembly process, adjust the opening pressure of the bypass valve, and perform dynamic balance detection on the core moving components to meet the technical requirements.