Established by CREATEK in 2008, Jinan CREATEK R&D Center is specialized in the development, upgrading, and optimization of truck accessories, and seeks to explore international market by improving product quality. After a series of development, the R&D Center now has an R&D team consisting of a dozen of senior engineers and emerging tech talents. The Company invests heavily in and equips the R&D Center with relevant lab equipment, and builds strong manufacturing R&D capability. Meanwhile, the Company adheres to the principles of quality first and innovation orientation, and strives to provide customers with more services with higher quality.

Optimize Products Based on Customers’ Habits

CREATEK optimizes product materials, sizes and structures with full consideration of road conditions, working environments and other factors in different countries to improve product performance and extend service life. Based on years of auto part experience and market research results, CREATEK develops engine repair kits, steering knuckle repair kits, air compressor repair kits, transmission repair kits, engine core components, high-pressure oil pump repair kits, dryer repair kits and other fast-moving part repair kits in combination with customers’ usage habits and frequency and in line with market demands. These kits are designed to reduce customers’ maintenance costs, improve customers’ maintenance efficiency, and enhance the attractiveness of our products.

Product Development

The R&D Center builds new product advantages through constant research and development. CREATEK’s professional technical personnel in the auto part field are familiar with AutoCAD cartographic software, Soildworks, UG, Pro/E and other 3D mapping software, as well as ANSYS simulation software, and can complete 3D models and machining drawings in the shortest time based on products provided by customers. Therefore, we can communicate with customers and corporate with manufacturers smoothly and improve product development efficiency.

Development Advantages

1、Having years of auto part experience and massive user groups, CREATEK conducts market research based on users’ feedback and formulates product modification schemes based on their usage.

2、CREATEK Lab Conditions

3、Excellent Supplier System

4、After products are launched on the market, CREATEK will continue to follow up market feedback and actively make adjustments.