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Planned in August 2018, CREATEK Testing Center was put into use in February 2019. It has over 10 quality inspection engineers and over 30 sets of precision testing instruments and equipment. The testing center's business covers product materials, vehicle parts, power assembly and other fields. For the problems encountered in the process of product basic research, new product research and development, and product quality control, comprehensive solutions are provided including component analysis, product development, product testing, and assembly testing.

Comprehensive Performance Bench Test

Comprehensive Performance Bench Test is an important link during the development of engine and air compressor. The test can simulate the working condition and carry out reliability test for each performance index of the product, and judge and calibrate whether each assembly product is adjusted to the best condition through the test data to improve the power and reliability of the product.

Quality Control Process


Development Control -——Each product will go through precision test from development to batch production as CREATEK takes product quality as the priority.

All products newly developed by CREATEK will go through multi-level and all-round tests in the Testing Center to ensure product quality and safe driving of customers.

Products are ordered in batches only after product samples have been qualified and inspected. CREATEK implements the full inspection policy for the first order of products, and tests products repeatedly to ensure quality.


Process Control—— Incoming Inspection

For incoming products, CREATEK formulates different inspection policies according to the nature of product, supplier qualification, and the pass percentage of previous products.

To ensure quality of products in batch delivery, CREATEK will randomly conduct extensive incoming inspection.


Storage Status Control—— Random Spot Inspection for Products in Storage

CREATEK carries out random spot inspection for warehoused products to be shipped. Personnel from product development, testing, and other departments are randomly selected to inspect quality, condition, package protection, and so on. This inspection ensures delivery quality and safe transportation and storage of products.