Intelligent Warehousing


Product Categories


Warehouse Area

CREATEK has 5,000 categories of products for sale and an intelligent storage area up to 20,000 square meters. In addition, to facilitate the understanding of real-time inventory of products, CREATEK introduces international advanced ERP management system and warehouse management system to achieve synchronization of accounts and goods, which are integrated with the enterprise’s Intranet. The status information of the products will be accessed in real time by simply scanning the code, and data of incoming goods can be recorded and monitored in real time to achieve efficient storage and product circulation.

Barcode Operation Data Traceability Throughout Processes Real-time Inventory Management for Easy and Efficient Operation

Computer-based warehousing management enables real-time recording and monitoring of data for warehoused goods and achieves “first in first out” and “automatic stock taking”. What’s more, it avoids natural aging, deterioration, and rust of goods, and reduces other losses due to damage or loss of goods.

Complete supplier inspection system

CREATEK cooperates with leading suppliers in China to guarantee product quality and delivery speed.

Fast manufacturing

The enterprise can manufacture products in line with requirements as soon as possible based on orders.

Combination of low cost with high efficiency

Better prices

Lower purchasing costs, inventory costs and selling costs through supply chain management.

Timely delivery

The supply of raw materials plays a key role in fast production of an enterprise. Supplier’s delivery delay will result in production delay, and even production halt; however, premature delivery increases storage costs and affects orderly production.

Fast processing of ordering and orders

The advanced ERP management system introduced by CREATEK makes it easier and quicker for customers to order goods.